1. Leader’s special characteristic:Sues the leader to have the management and the management special characteristic.
  2. Enterprise environment industry customer analysis: The environmental management system may help the enterprise successfully control and the management these has the remarkable influence aspect in the operative activity to the environment.
  3. Skill of the successful bulletin: The bulletin design manufacture showed that introduction, elucidation, transposition and summary, practice key point the content, skill of with the case explanation.
  4. Work inventorying skill: Based on individual key emphasis in work and the flow self-criticism, deliver individual work with the tool enter the bank draft to put in order.
  5. Whole staff 5S activity: The understanding directs the personnel essential condition and deals with staff’s issue effectively.
  6. Definition and viewpoint the achievements: The achievements appraisal’s evolution, the achievements analysis’s concept, carries out the PAC achievements control system goal, the productive forces significance, enhances the productive forces to focus the method, the PAC system’s five big characteristics.
  7. How to carry on the business management: Originates in enterprise’s each work, is comes from the customer the demand, said simply comes from the customer the order form, therefore launches from the demand.
  8. 5S activity management skill training: Induces the 5s management tool by the control existing operating method, suits the management the long-term development.
  9. The work synopsis showed: Introduced that the different work position needs to experience, in the qualifications and records of service, the specialized matter, the skill and the manner has the basic capability.
  10. Metallic material processing characteristic: Introduces characteristic and the processing the hard/aluminum/aluminum alloy/titanium/titanium alloy.
  11. The data management establishes and utilizes the understanding data the characteristic, the method, the goal and the application, introduces data of utilization the enterprise all department.
  12. Omni-directional achievements appraisal: How to establish the divisional management system and the current management promotes the method, by is balanced the idea branch customs station and the management weight target links various units to manage the weight target the establishment.
  13. Plan of execution marketing and the trade development: Work of the market and the service moves and plans, and performs of skill of the business management.
  14. Practice electronic monitoring system management: Using the color and the managerial data record, takes every day the job schedule direction progress basis.
  15. Job task analysis and skill: Introduction work mission management essential technique and utilization, like work study, operating analysis, merge, simplification, deletion and reorganization.
  16. Each kind of mold design: Mold design basic principle, mold design variable, mold’s practice.
  17. The conference manages the skill: Understood how to hold a meeting effectively and director’s duty and the skill, attending personnel’s responsibility and manner.
  18. Meaning of the target management: How to carry on the flow analysis and the management, performs the conformity and the plan enterprise interior resources, urges enterprise’s transport business achievements promotion.
  19. Business personnel market development skill: Understood that the service motion the strategy prepares and utilizes in a big way five guides the self-packing quickly, the service motion, ruthless.
  20. Color management: Let the different management project distinguish with the color, favors debates knows with manages.
  21. Supply chain working instructions compilation skill: Does the introduction working instructions use, how carry on the work investigation and how depends on the department duty development working instructions.
  22. Raw material perception and formed theory: Raw materials for plastics and so on PP, PE, ABS, TPS special and the formed basic condition relations and discussion.
  23. Question solution mold train – collection number: the collection data’s method, the collection data’s goal, the data type, the data collection should pay attention item.
  24. Normal hours of hypothesis: Anything is the standard, the rationalization importance, makes the regulation plan, production line’s man-machine disposition, the man-hour of gauging’s taboo, the comparison, the width puts, achievements management.
  25. Brand and circuit strategy: The marketing strategy “- convenient treats as all marketing ponder by the core localization” the source, only then down to 4p(6p) strategy management.
  26. Document control: Abolishes and so on works to release of revision the document to carry on the explanation.
  27. The purchase comments the management: Unites efforts newly investigation of the manufacturer, sign of the purchase contract, unites efforts the manufacturer to comment and the management.
  28. IBM function model: Provides function of development actual explanation IBM and the Taiwan Semiconductor.
  29. Makes the regulation parameter with to project the condition: Projects the formed condition and the radio station operates on the causal relation, proposes in the man-machine material law in accordance to it countermeasure.
  30. Time management and work simplification: Key and the time use relations give showing from the routine work, the choice key point work and the full period of revolution obtain the benefit.
  31. Department daily information management training: Knowledge information related activity, individual knowledge information and organization knowledge information, civilized development impact, knowledge information management important element composition, knowledge information management system management system’s characteristic, knowledge again use value.
  32. Achievements electronic monitoring system manufacture and management: Inducts “the visual management” in the scene establishment electronic monitoring system and establishes the KPI target by momentarily to respond that the achievements present situation and the question spot, enable the staff momentarily to improve.