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CANSHOW C Industrial Co. Ltd plastic injection factory for 1976yr

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公司簡介 Company Introduction

自 1976 年從一家塑膠工廠的 2 台射出機開始起家到 1988 年,因擴廠編製而更名為泳慶工業股份有限公司於至今。

本塑膠工廠設在台中市大安區,鄰近西濱快速道路,公司占地面積 7000 平方公尺,目前公司員工近 80 名。
包括自有產品主打以手機為中心的各種 3C 保護殼週邊產品;以及生活用品為戶外郵箱、隨行杯、髮梳鏡組...等,並與世界時尚設計潮流同步。

目前公司擁有近 50 部射出機台及二條製造組裝現代化生產線,
另外在 2012 年增設無塵室,提供生產食品級、醫療級、3C 產品、手機保護殼、手機週邊產品、(薄件成品可達 0.35mm),

本射出公司於 2001 年通過 ISO9001:2008 品質認證,多年來堅持品質管制和符合市場需求的理念。近
期由台中塑膠中心輔導我司 FSSC 22000 食品安全驗證管理,將提升產品品質管理,善用臺灣卓越的技術和研發,來開發多種優良的產品,

CANSHOW Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading small and medium enterprise that specializes in plastic injection,
with a mission to provide the best services to our customers. In 1976, the factory only had two injection
machines; in 1988, plant expansions began and the company was renamed as CANSHOW Industry Co., Ltd.
Located in the Da'an District of Taichung City, close to West Coastal Express Highway,
the company has 80 employees and a total area of about 7000m2.

With nearly 43 years of professional experience in plastic injection, the company has outstanding research & development capabilities and production capabilities, which allows us to develop and produce market leading state-of-the-art products.

Our products include a range of 3C protective casings and peripheral products, mainly for mobile phones and various commonly used items such as outdoor postboxes, tumblers or mirrors with combs and so on that are in step with the latest international fashion design trends.

The company now has nearly 50 injection machines and two modern production lines for manufacturing and assembly.
Our plastic injection OEM products mainly include two-color injection products, computer peripherals,
commonly used plastic products, casings for massage machines, casings for vibrating massagers and bicycle pedals.

Furthermore, in 2012, clean rooms were set up for the production of food grade products,medical grade products, 3C products, protective casings for mobile phones and accessories (end products with 0.35mm thickness) and so on.

We focused on the development of application design, building an excellent
international brand and exporting high-quality products all over the world, and won global recognition!

In 2011, ISO9001: 2018 quality certification was achieved.
Over the years, we have always insisted on quality management and on satisfying the market demands.
Recently, the Taichung Plastics Industry Development Center assisted us in passing the FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification, which will significantly enhance product quality management and enable the use of Taiwan’s superior technology and R&D capabilities to develop a variety of quality products and provide better services to customers to win trust
and maintain long term customer relationships.

Strict management practices help to cultivate our enterprise spirit, “quality for survival, variety for
development, better sales for market expansion, and management for efficiency”.

All employees of CANSHOW Industry Co., Ltd. will always follow the enterprise spirit to sincerely cooperate with our
customers to enable us to advance together!